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Distinctive Inventory Documentation Solutions

Helping our clients achieve superior outcomes,
by providing quality & efficient content claims solutions & results.

We don’t just say we care; we prove it.
Transparent & Collaborative Content Claims Process
Distinctive prides itself on providing a Transparent and Collaborative process with all stakeholders. By maintaining this approach, we are able to establish the trust and rapport that is vital to successful relationships with our clients and policyholders.
Objective, Accurate, Third-Party Content Valuations
Distinctive’s contents valuations are detailed, objective and data-driven, ensuring carriers pay the correct amount on settlements. By utilizing Distinctive Inventory as your third-party contents administrator, the policy holder can be assured that the contents valuations are always Objective, Unbiased and Fair.
Controlled Costs & Claims Leakage
Distinctive Inventory’s contents valuations are fact-based and precise, providing assurance that the insurance company pays correct settlement amounts. As a contents claim third-party administrator, our valuations are always unbiased and strictly fact-based, eliminating any potential for preconceived valuation outcomes. The care and attention Distinctive puts into its work processes along with stringent quality assurance reviews, minimizes claim severity and overpayment while providing cost savings to the insurance company. 
Financial Report
Decreased Cycle Times & File Stall
Distinctive’s processes drive quicker file completion, reduced cycle times, decreased file stall and accelerates claim settlements. These efficiencies produce superior outcomes of client and policy holder satisfaction.
Superior Client & Policy Holder Satisfaction
As the owner and founder of Distinctive Inventory, Brian understands from his 30 years of extensive experience in the insurance industry that reducing file cycle times leads to more prompt settlements for policyholders. This in turn leads to increased policyholder satisfaction and improved operational performance for adjusters and insurance carriers. Brian prides himself on the customer-centric approach he takes on all assignments and his adoption and adherence to strict industry valuation standards and ethics on integrity and professionalism. All this combined allows Distinctive Inventory to deliver superior client and policy holder satisfaction.
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